Pre-Departure Orientation Sessions

Once the student visa has arrived the candidate prepares to fly abroad to the country of choice to further his/her education credentials. Pre-departure orientation is a very useful session for students as it imbibes in them all the necessary information to make their living in a foreign country a relatively easy affair. 

Pre-departure training is offered to students who have their student visa approved by the embassy and their passports attested with the same. Pre-departure orientation gives the students a fair idea on where to start their planning process for the long-awaited journey. Pre-departure training gives an insight into what to expect in the country of study. These are things that could make moving and settling into a new country a comfortable endeavor. 

The orientation will certainly cover aspects regarding what to purchase from the resident country before looking to travel to your country of choice. Our expert orientation team will clear all your doubts and concerns giving you confidence throughout the pre-departure period.

Pre-departure Guide for Students

Before each intake, Insight International will arrange a pre-departure orientation for students who are looking to travel to their respective countries. This is a great opportunity for students to network with other students who have chosen the same country, university, and course. We are here to provide our students A to Z guidance about the country (the country that he/she will be traveling to), its culture, do’s and don’ts that need to be strictly followed by the students, and so on. This information will help students to prepare mentally and physically for the new opportunities that await them in their respective universities and the countries that they are traveling to.

The pre-departure guidelines include the following:

  • Shopping List
  • Travel Documents Required for Student Visa
  •  Navigating Through the Airport at Your Arrival Destination
  • Airport Pickup
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation and Driving License
  • Mobile Phone and Internet
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Health Insurance
  • Legal Assistance for Work Permit and Permanent Residence Permit

Shopping List

Shopping lists usually consist of products that he/she should purchase from their country of origin. These goods might be inevitable to maintain a comfortable standard of life. Sometimes these essential goods might be available at a considerably cheap price when compared to the destination country. Hence, it is naturally the best option to buy the same from the resident country of the student. Shopping list items might include things like woolen clothes, a good pair of sneakers, and so on. Each country has its unique set of requirements that needs to be procured by the students at the pre-departure time. We will give you all the necessary guidelines and checklists for students to comfortably plan their shopping.

Travel Documents Required for Student Visa

In the pre departure orientation, our orientation experts will provide a checklist of all the necessary information documents required by the student to carry with him/her at the time of the travel. Some of the must-have documents for an international student flying to any location include – passport, flight ticket, notarized copies of all academic documents, IELTS scorecard, and letter of acceptance from the institution. There might be other documents that the candidate needs to have in order to travel that are specific to the country of travel. All the information regarding the same will be communicated to the candidate at the time of the orientation. We will give out a detailed list of all the travel destination documents during the orientation program. The documents mentioned in the list should be with the student at the time of embarking the aircraft.

Navigating Through the Airport at Your Arrival Destination

Our in-depth pre-departure orientation training covers all the aspects of navigating through airport immigration. We will familiarize the candidates with all the possible questions that he/she would encounter from the immigration officer. We will also give you the best answers that the candidate is expected to provide to the immigration officer at the airport immigration counter. These well-curated answers will make the immigration process at the arrival destination an easy affair.

Airport Pickup

Insight International can avail of an optional pickup and drop facility to the destination of choice. Airport pickups help students ease their struggle of finding transportation facilities to their desired location. Airport pickups that we arrange are usually a cheaper option when compared to what is available at the airport.


Accommodation is a very expensive activity in the developed world. This is mainly due to the high value of their local currencies. We have a dedicated team in preferred destinations who give exclusive assistance to international students through their initial months of stay. So, just leave that responsibility to us. We can help our students to find some of the cheapest accommodations available in the market that best suit their individual requirements.

Transportation and Driving License

Our pre-departure guide will provide students with all the necessary details on the transportation facility available for their needs. An international driving license can help in improving the mobility of the person. It also increases job prospects. Most part-time and full-time jobs in most developed countries require prospective employees to have a car. An international license helps the students to buy a car increasing their prospects of getting a good job.

At Insight International, we provide all the required guidance for converting the driving license of your country of residence or country of origin to an international license.

Mobile Phone and Internet

Insight International takes all efforts to help international students accommodate into their new environment easily. We offer all the necessary guidance and physical assistance through our partners in the study destination to guide the student to select the best phone connection and subscription plans that cater to their needs.

Opening a Bank Account

We can assist our students in opening a bank account at the study destination. Our orientation also covers the best route for a person to transfer money from the country of study to their home country.

Health Insurance

Whichever international study destination a student chooses to pursue his/her studies in, it is important to have an excellent health insurance plan. Usually, the premium of health insurance is paid to the university partnered health insurance provider at the time of paying fees. But in other cases, we will assist the candidate in selecting the best possible policy cover that will protect the student from all the possible health care, consultancy, medicinal, and ambulance costs. The health care costs in the developed world are extremely high and a sophisticated health insurance plan can cushion the students against this burden.

Legal Assistance for Work Permit and Permanent Residence Permit

We have a dedicated team of legal advisors abroad. We will help you through the Work Permit and Permanent Residence procedures in your desired destination. We can certainly give you all the necessary assistance that will help you to apply for the above-mentioned procedures at the best price possible. Our expert team and our partner organizations in your study locations can offer all the required assistance and professional advice that will help you to get the desired outcome. Always feel free to talk to us in this regard!.

COVID-19 Protocol Requirements

In the light of recent restrictions on public gatherings, we are arranging virtual pre-departure orientation programs for our students. Our orientation will help students understand how to behave sensibly during the pandemic situation especially at the airport in your arrival destination. Some cases in the recent past prove that you need to be completely aware of how you will be questioned by the officials at the airport. We at Insight provide you with precise details including the usual questions asked at the airport and how to answer them . Insight International will give its students assistance for arranging a safe quarantine facility in the international study destination. While in the foreign land the international students are expected to strictly adhere to the rules of the country. Inappropriate behaviour can lead to huge fines or in some extreme cases cancelation of the visa. Having a bad mark will affect the permanent residency application and naturalization process.

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