Hailing some of the oldest educational institutions in the world, the UK is a prime study abroad destination for many students who wish for quality and legacy to adorn in their educational achievements

The United Kingdom can be called as the epicenter of advanced learning with its ancient universities. This country is the trendsetter of higher education and gives more emphasis on innovation and research. Perfect English and quality of life are two of the attractive factors about the UK among the many that appeal to international students.

Among the top ten universities of the world, four of them are from the UK. Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are the leading light of education and their reputation is still high across the globe.

The universities in the UK give prime importance to practical knowledge rather than textbook content. The system of education in the UK can be called as utility based and it makes the students proficient in analytical expertise and critical thinking

  • No.1 in world ranking for education
  • Global recognition
  • Diverse range of courses with a wide range of specializations
  • Studies without IELTS requirement
  • Shorter duration when compared to other countries for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Sandwich bachelors with 1 year Industry placement

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Reasons why students choose UK as their study abroad destination

  • Quality education that holds the prime position in the global education system. Regular QAA Assessment in the Universities to evaluate the standard of teaching, learning process and research methodologies to keep up the standard.
  • The number of education institutions in the UK is many. Therefore wide choices are available for students to select Institutions and fields of study.
  • Shorter duration courses that help to reduce study expenses. For the undergraduate program three years is needed, but a graduate program can be completed in a year that saves a lot of money and time for the students. It is very helpful to students who want to further their education with doctoral programs.
  • The support of English Language that helps you to acquire reputed positions in the global arena of esteemed jobs.
  • Provision to maintain close teacher-student interaction to combine different subjects in a single course.
  • Opportunity to experience a multicultural atmosphere that helps to develop many skills and capabilities.
  • The UK offers provisions to students to work during the study period by taking part-time jobs or internships. It is very helpful for students who come from developing countries like India to meet some of the study expenses.

University organized placement opportunities after study is quite attractive in the UK and many international students consider it as a golden opportunity for them.

Provision to obtain scholarships or receive some of the funding facilities organized by the Universities is another factor of attraction for international students.

Strong support system provided by the Government of the UK for international students.

Those who wish to do their doctoral programs in UK, it offers a high standard of research programs which emphasize scientific research.

Possibility to secure a student Visa without much trouble. UK offers a four Tier or general student visa for a student who is over sixteen years and pursuing higher studies in one of the umpteen education institutions in the UK.


UK education revolves around Universities and colleges

  • Undergraduate Courses
  1. Bachelor’s Degrees: 3 to 4 years
  2. Sandwich Degrees: 4 years with a year in industry
  3. Integrated Courses: 4 years – Master’s is awarded as the first degree
  • Postgraduate Courses
  1. Postgraduate certificates and Diplomas (PG Cert/PG Dip) : 9 to 12 months


  September, January


  • Tuition Fee – 10,000 GBP to 20,000 GBP per year (GBP= Pound Sterling)
  • Living Expense – upto 989 GBP per month.


  • Visa Processing Time: upto 3 weeks
  • Visa Fee: 348 GBP at current exchange rate

Visa Documents

  • Valid passport 
  • Academic Documents
  • Letter of acceptance from the University enrolled which specifies the duration of the course 
  • A completed student visa application form
  • A Statement of Purpose (need assistance to make an effective SOP? Contact Us Now)
  • Proof of funds – The money you need to show covers your course fees for your first year of study and living costs for up to a maximum of nine months (Would you like to know how much you need to show? Contact Us Now.


  • Part-time work right : 20 Hours per week (40 Hours during vacation) – only University students;
  • Private college students are not eligible (Full time work rights for Spouse for Master’s Programs)
  • Stay back: 2 years
  • After the two years, students will be able to switch onto the skilled work visa if they find a job which meets the skill requirements 




  1. University of Oxford (World Ranking: 5)
  2. University of Cambridge (World Ranking: 7)
  3. Imperial College London (World Ranking: 8)
  4. University College London (World Ranking: 10)
  5. University of Edinburgh (World Ranking: 20)

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Some of the popular courses for international students include business management and engineering, including computing. Some international students are also taking courses in waste management and environmental sciences.

Compared to other cities, Inner London is quite expensive. But, students usually prefer to live in Outer London as it is much cheaper. They depend on trams and public transport for travel.