5 most popular countries for Indian students to study abroad

International education has become an inevitable part of Indian student’s academic life. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) reported that there is a spike in the number of students going abroad to further their academic horizons. It is stated that 2,61,406 students from India went abroad in 2020 and 71,769 in 2021. The statistics are enough to understand the importance of overseas education and why the choices must be thoughtful and fact-oriented.

Various reasons such as quality education, wider course programs in the niche, professional exposure, adaptability, and cultural awareness contribute to the pursuit of international education. Although India had been an education focal point since ancient times, the developed countries put more effort into their education system to make it modern and adaptable to the knowledge explosion. Making the country choices would be hard for parents and students. Considering this, being the leading study abroad consultancy, here is the list of the most popular countries for international education.

  1. Canada 

Canada has a stable economy to attract international students. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC-2021 data), the immigration-friendly country has accepted 97.5 percent of requests from international graduates for permanent residency. The country offers innumerable benefits to international students by providing specialised programs in Healthcare, Engineering, Business and I.T. The education authority is keen to bring competitive and industry-trend courses to make academics a fine edge. While studying in Canada, the students can access co-up courses to pursue the degree with alternate terms of work and study along with practical and theoretical knowledge.

Furthermore, the scenic beauty and landscape of Canada are appealing to students. The country has a welcoming culture that doesn’t let you feel strange in the land. Your experience in the country would enhance your global perspectives. All these reasons make Canada a top destination for international students. Insight International, the best abroad education consultancy in Kerala, helps you find suitable courses for your international education in Canada.

  1. Australia

Australia’s economic condition is stable and international students can trust the country for the future. The country is home to the world-leading research-intensive Australian Universities called Go8. These universities contribute much to world studies through research efforts, research output and research training. For Indian students, this will be a great space for improving research and analytical abilities under the expert faculties. According to career experts, the tuition fees for highly competitive courses are 40-60% lesser than in other countries like US and UK.

The Australian Government has invested more than A$ 300 million in scholarships for international students according to the official Australian Government website. You don’t have to compromise on the quality of education in Australia. The up-to-date, robust infrastructure and renowned faculty make this country an attractive option for international students. The multi-cultural structure of Australia prepares students to face the real world with practicality.

  1. United Kingdom 

The UK is the most popular country for international education for Indian students. The UK government has set out two ambitions in international education to achieve by 2030. One among them is to increase the number of international students studying in the UK to 600,000 per year. The government has taken liberal strategies to make it happen, like prioritising the countries for international education. India is one of the five prioritised countries. The MBA and Nursing programs in the UK are quite popular. The stay-back offers and safety of the international students are some of the reasons making the country the first choice for Indian students. The country promises quality education with a focus on practical knowledge along with part-time jobs. The UK is also a historically rich country which might give you exposure to your innate qualities. You can undoubtedly choose UK for your future endeavours.

  1. United States of America 

The US is a top-tier country for international education. As we all know, US universities keep a record of quality and practical-oriented academic approaches. It’s no doubt that US universities have a strong presence and come first among the best-ranked education institutions in the world. The country provides a wide range of programs that are globally demanding. Cultural diversity is the defining pillar of American universities. You will feel diversity everywhere you go in the US. Students from different countries, religions and ethnicity choose the US for building their future. The engaging and flexible academic environment of US universities is appreciable. Your employment prospects double with the American certificate. Interested to jump to a Bachelor’s or Masters in the US? Our expert team guides you through each step.

  1. Germany 

Free education in public universities is the hook to attracting students from all over the world. Engineering programs are quite popular in Germany. Both national and international students are eligible for free education and proficiency in German is a must. German proficiency also helps you take PR easily. Germany has a lot of globally promoted programs on its bucket list. The living expenses are also less compared to other countries. The German certificates are valuable in the employment market that you will be paid as standard as any other international certificate holder. Insight International, the leading study abroad consultancy in Kerala, accompany your every step from choosing the course to getting you there. Your bright future is the path to our growth and we completely commit to what we do. Choose the best with us to create a limitless future.

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