Unlocking Your Medical Dreams: Studying MBBS in Georgia

How do you picture your route leading to the white coat? The pursuit of becoming a doctor, an aspiring MBBS student , and a beacon of hope in the medical field is ignited by passion and nurtured by opportunity.

While India may seem like the obvious choice for medical education, what if we told you that there is a place where your aspirations can flourish beyond the ordinary? It is Georgia – a country where the mountains reverberate with ancient wisdom, the cities pulse with modern innovation, and dreams are nurtured with open arms. Here, you’ll find an extraordinary world that’s both affordable and enthusiastic, where you’ll begin your medical journey with curiosity and excitement.

Through this blog let us introduce you to the world of studying MBBS in Georgia, a captivating destination that may just hold the key to unlocking your medical dreams and reaching for the sky.

Being blessed with rich and cultural pasts, Georgia is also home to stunning mountain ranges, booming urban cities, and tranquil beach towns. Georgia offers excellent education and career possibilities, making it a top priority for international students seeking an MBBS degree as a future investment. Before it became a member of the Russian Empire in 1918, Georgia had a long heritage of medical education. Since that period, Tbilisi Medical College (TMC) has gained international recognition as one of the top medical universities.

A bunch of well-known institutes in Georgia provide medical degrees with solid academic records and international recognition. These include the David Tvildiani Medical University, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, and Tbilisi State Medical University.

One of Georgia’s ancient and most prestigious medical universities is Tbilisi State Medical University. It has associations with the foremost medical universities worldwide and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various medical fields.

The contemporary and innovative Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University offers excellent training in medical and health-related subjects. In Georgia and beyond, it is renowned for its medical program.

Georgia’s first medical school to adopt a student-centered teaching style was David Tvildiani Medical University. It provides a unique educational program with an eye on practical skills in clinical settings.

Javakhishvili, Ivane The most prestigious and oldest institution in the nation, Tbilisi State Institution, provides a range of medical programmes. Renowned medical experts and researchers make up its faculty, enabling them to maintain the university’s stellar academic standing.

The goal of these prestigious institutions is to furnish learners in Georgia and around the world with the ideal medical instruction and education. Georgian medical schools have earned excellent positions in the world’s university rankings, which is evidenced by their solid academic record and high standards of tuition.

Similarly, a lot of Georgian medical schools have Global Recognition. They have been granted accreditation from world-ren owned medical bodies and organizations.

Georgian medical universities have earned accreditation from the esteemed World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and World Health Organization (WHO) guaranteeing extraordinary educational qualities for medical students. This recognition from WFME also enables international students from Georgia to take the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and pursue medical careers in the USA.  Graduates are also qualified to appear for the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) exam in the UK. By being accredited, these schools can guarantee that the certificates and knowledge they provide will be respected around the world.

Universities that are accredited can guarantee that their certificates and knowledge will be respected globally.

In the dynamic world of medical education, the merits of studying MBBS in Georgia are remarkable.  

  • Students from all socioeconomic levels find it to as a desirable location because of the reasonable tuition costs. Compared to universities in the US or the UK, Georgian medical universities have much lower tuition costs.
  • Students will be prepared for clinical practice due to the curriculum’s focus on practical application. A dedicated faculty guides and assists the next generation of medical specialists.
  • Georgian medical universities often promote a multicultural environment within their premises. A diversified student body, made up of students from many countries, encourages a friendly and diverse atmosphere.
  • Through exposure to different healthcare systems, student’s views are broadened and their ability to adapt is strengthened. In the current circumstances, these traits are essential for medical professionals.
  • Small class sizes encourage direct connection with lecturers, allowing students to effectively ask questions and get individualized guidance.
  • If students already started their studies in another nation and are seeking a more affordable choice, Georgia offers options for them to complete their MBBS studies. Transfer programs are offered by many universities in Georgia, enabling students to effortlessly continue their education in medicine.

                           ( The Ukraine war crisis has caused many students to transfer their studies to Georgia. Georgia offers 1000-dollar scholarships to Ukraine war-affected international students. Additionally, the government helped foreign students from China during the COVID-19 outbreak, which affected their academic plans.)

  • The medical curriculum in Georgia emphasizes hands-on training. After three years of academic education, students begin their clinical rotations in hospitals. This practical method offers priceless clinical expertise.
  • Students begin participating in specialized cycles in their fourth year, giving them the opportunity to learn more in-depth about various medical specialties. Exams at the end of these cycles aid students in choosing their preferred specialty.
  • Students participate in 90-hour summer hospital observation programs and they gain more real-world medical knowledge and practical skills.

Georgia has two major intakes every year for medicine.

The fall intake is in September, while the winter intake is in March. For international students to be enrolled in Georgia’s medical schools, they need a PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) score of 60 to 70% in their 12th grade. Moreover, NEET qualification is mandatory for admission.

As part of admission procedures in Georgian Universities, one has to excel in English languages proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS and has to succeed in an interview conducted by the respective institutions.

However, Georgia’s official language is Georgian, and the majority of its medical programs are taught in English for international students. Many universities offer language preparation classes to help students whose English proficiency is lower.

Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly review a program’s language requirements before applying.

Georgia offers a reasonable cost of living for international students. It is more economical to rent a room in a shared flat or dorm which can drastically cut costs. Preparing own meals or dining at local cafes can be a more cost-effective option. 

In order to cut short, the costs associated with transportation students can avail of public transport such as buses and metros. Georgia offers plenty of budget-friendly entertainment options, like going to historical sites, parks, and museums as well as taking part in local celebrations and cultural events. Part-time jobs at numerous universities in Georgia can help international students meet their daily expenses.

A variety of support services are available to international students in Georgia. To help them adjust easily and stay healthy throughout their academic career. These services include aid in finding housing, assistance with obtaining visas, and access to healthcare.

  • Accommodation assistance is available to find suitable housing options that meet their needs and preferences.

                          (Georgia has facilities pleasant Hostel set up for international students, particularly for Keralites, where many highly qualified experts are employed. Hostels provide two bedrooms with common areas. Cooks from Kerala prepare the meals.)

In every room, there is a TV and Wi-Fi, making this an ideal place for studying.

Two students can stay in a premium room for about 25,000 Rs per month, which includes three meals a day.

  • In order to obtain the proper visas or permissions to study in the nation, international students often require assistance and guidance. Dedicated staff members may answer questions about immigration-related issues, application procedures, and information on visa requirements.
  • Georgia also makes sure that all students have access to adequate medical services. Information on doctors and hospitals, insurance plans, and health advice are all open to everyone.
  • The availability of residence programs in Georgia is one of the country’s major benefits for international students. Through this training and specialization options, they are able to develop their medical expertise.
  • The consistent job placements turn out to be another appealing feature for taking up residential courses by international students. The healthcare sector in the country is booming and there are plenty of hospitals actively looking for professional workers.
  • Graduates can look into a variety of employment options within the nation. Where they can work with seasoned medical professionals and obtain vital practical experience.

Obtaining an MBBS in Georgia and then moving back to India offers excellent job opportunities. To fulfill the rising demand, the Indian healthcare sector always needs to hire more qualified doctors.

International graduates can stand out from their peers by using the experience and exposure they got while studying in Georgia. Additionally, a lot of hospitals in India actively seek physicians with overseas educations since they recognize their value.

Exploring Georgia’s rich cultural past is one of the most alluring features of studying here. Students can learn more about the history of the country by visiting historical monuments like the Mtskheta and Gelati Monastery UNESCO World Heritage monuments. They can have delicious regional food, enjoy traditional Georgian dance shows, and take part in festivities like Tbilisoba.

Both its scenic beauty and its cultural assets make Georgia widely known. With its majestic mountain ranges like the Caucasus and scenic valleys like Kazbegi, the nation is a home for nature lovers. The surrounding natural splendor offers exciting hikes, skiing, and more.

Also, Georgia’s warm hospitality and friendly residents make it simple for students to become absorbed in the traditional way of life. When studying abroad, security is a top priority. It is a great way for students to establish enduring relationships with Georgians and other students by taking part in language exchanges, homestays, or organizations. From there they can learn Georgian customs and culture.

Through a student portal, parents can monitor their children’s academic progress and attendance.  Additionally, parents can schedule convenient visits to the campus.

Due to Georgian University’s world-class programs, it became an ultimate destination for aspirational students. Let’s take a look at the study expenses for an MBBS degree in Georgia In Georgia, an MBBS program can be completed for between $8,000 and $40,000. The cost of the six-year programme as a whole normally ranges from 25 to 30 lakhs.

Due to all these, Georgia promotes a friendly environment for international students who are pursuing their studies within its boundaries. In conclusion, Georgia is increasingly becoming a choice for international students as it offers an array of cost-effectiveness, quality education, a diverse environment, and versatility.

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