Why international education is important for your future?

As we all know, education is the weapon to face and lead the world. Although we live in the most modern era, different organisations are working to increase the awareness of education among people. High-quality education should be normal for everyone, irrespective of the labels. Aiming for peace and development through education, the General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution in 2018 to celebrate January 24 as International Education Day. International education aims to ensure equal and quality education for all. One of the vital challenges is that the United Nations has to face poverty. Education is one of the main reasons for eradicating poverty. This is the point where everyone stops. As the best study abroad consultant, we believe only education can change the world. We support every movement of the United Nations to spread education in every nook and cranny.

Enhancing school enrolment, reducing dropouts, ensuring implementation and follow-up of measures taken to protect the education sector, recalling actions from grassroots to global efforts by educators, governments, and organisations; sensitising people about the importance and equity of education, understanding the educational policies that effectively target the most disadvantaged groups, these are the main objectives of UNESCO’s Global Education policies. The theme of the 2022 International Education Day declared by UNESCO is “Reorientation, welcomes, strengthens and emphasises the renaissance of education and its restoration to its normalised form. In addition, the day emphasised the need to understand the importance of education for the benefit of future generations. Those who have gone through a life full of challenges have achieved great success by combining dreams, determination, and hard work. Children should learn to love their own country, grow up as loyal citizens, and be trained to become global citizens through education. The first goal of international education is to develop an attitude of tolerance towards other countries and peoples. Through international education, it is possible to teach children that the achievements of art and science are not only for a country or a group of people but for the entire human race. Thus, as global issues are solved only through international cooperation, they should practice thinking broadly about human rights, and social and moral duties. Many things are accepted and propagated by UNESCO as part of the international education project. Every nation celebrates the Independence Day of other nations and learns about the customs, dress, and language of other nations. 

Many Indian students go abroad to study every year. In the 2006-2007 academic year alone, more than 80,000 students from India studied in the United States, record growth of 9.6% compared to the previous year. For the past twelve years, a large number of students from India have come to America every year. There are many reasons why students want to leave their motherland and pursue an education abroad.  For instance, there is a loss of faith in the education system in India. The idea of ​​travelling to new places is fun for students. It liberates them and allows them to discover new powers and abilities. Living in a new cultural context is challenging and improves adaptation skills. Studying abroad can give you a lot of new ideas and perspectives about yourself and your culture. The importance of international education has increased in the modern age. Through timely reforms, the countries of the world have thought that they should strengthen international education and organise the education system in a manner conducive to global peace. Education comprehensively influences children’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values. The skills required from the students are different every time. In short, education should not be stagnant like a lake but should be constantly flowing like a river. It is admirable that international education marks this dynamic.

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