Why Study Nursing Abroad?

Do you aspire to be a complete caretaker devoted to sustaining the essence called life? From monitoring patients to administering medications, a nurse career raises one to the heights of divinity. Everything comes with a price! So your dedication deserves a reward for the selfless service you administer. 

What’s so special about an International Nursing Degree? Let us address that for you!

Get to know the benefits of pursuing an overseas nursing degree from the best abroad study consultancy in Kochi!

Undenied Respect

Every profession deserves respect despite its type of service. Developed nations are far ahead in functioning to create a world free from discrimination on the work front. Any job abroad, assures you respect and recognition with the added perk of receiving a high payment for the work you do. Committed to becoming a Nurse? Keep your head high! You’ll never get disheartened! 

High Employability

96.5 % of the employees worldwide are working within the healthcare sector. A booming one, it plays a significant part in driving the economy ahead, especially for the countries abroad. They recognize the importance of each individual by valuing them, as they constitute the working capital at large. With huge investments made towards the sector while there exists a large gap in skilled professionals, it opens up a venue with assured career prospects in nursing. All nursing programs are leading to registration in nature which will designate you as a Registered Nurse by default after your course completion.

Extensive Course Range

The advanced and specialised courses in nursing offered abroad constitute an updated course structure that is designed to utilise the best of modern technology and equipment. updated with extensive research and innovative technological inventions, it also offers part-time work opportunities for obtaining prior experience in the same while studying. Such opportunities prepare the students well before they enter straight ahead into the nursing career

Lucrative Package

Professional expertise derived post-pursuing a nursing program lets you land an elite career within the health sector that assures attractive compensation and perks waiting for you at the other end. Nurses in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US earn between 50,000 to 65,000 USD per year. Registered nurses attract higher salaries with Luxembourg, Iceland, the US, Australia and Norway being the top countries offering the best packages for its finest medical professionals.

Here are the Top 10 Countries to Study Nursing Abroad :

  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • United States of America
  • Canada 
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Russia

Employers prefer specialised degree holders with international accreditation for recruitment over the rest. This rests on grounds of expertise, hands-on experience and exposure that becomes a significant margin in a career. Thus it’s high time that you re-think!

Maintaining a sound-functioning body requires a good healthcare system that is well established and backed up with the latest advancements both in research and technology. 

Expertise in the contemporary era comes with being familiar with the latest equipment. One should be updated about the most recent research in healthcare. Get ready to stitch that feather on your cap as you undertake your overseas journey in Nursing.

Proficiency in the English Language is one thing that you can’t omit when it comes to studying abroad as it forms a necessary part of communication, the basis of forming any interpersonal relationships both professional and personal. English is a global language that one needs to know how to use, before setting out to a nation abroad. We provide comprehensive services for preparing prospective overseas nursing graduates for their admission through our in-house IELTS Coaching and Duolingo Test facility while providing an overview for preparing for the admission interview. 

Reach out to the best consultancy in Kerala for abroad studies if you wish to embark on your nursing career hassle-free with assured end-to-end support!

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