Major Advantages of Studying in Canada for International students

Many young students dream of going abroad to pursue their higher education. Many nations around the world provide aspiring students in their chosen fields of study with programs and courses in every major/stream. But picking the right college or university and, more importantly, the right nation is no easy task.

In such a situation, it goes without saying that one of the top choices for international students looking to pursue higher education abroad is Canada. But do you know how Canada was able to establish such a reputation?

To understand why Canada is one of the most popular destinations for international students, let’s look at the main advantages of studying there for foreign students.

Education Quality

Canada is known throughout the world for its high academic standards, which extend from pre-elementary school through secondary school, colleges, and universities. The country is one of the top choices for international students seeking higher education because of the high quality of instruction and reasonable tuition costs. 26 of Canada’s top universities are listed in the QS World University Rankings for 2021. Numerous courses in fields like engineering, microbiology, telecommunications, environmental science, agriculture, and others are offered by Canadian universities and colleges.

Quality of Living

Canada has a higher standard of living than the majority of other nations, which appeals particularly to international students from developing nations. They would have the opportunity to live the lifestyle they desire and experience it while studying in Canada.

Reasonable cost

In light of the aforementioned facts, which state that Canada has the highest standards of living and the best educational system in the world, a student will find life in Canada to be surprisingly inexpensive when compared to other English-speaking nations offering comparable experiences. The cost of living is considerably lower in Canada without sacrificing comfort, giving students the opportunity to enjoy the few luxuries they can afford.

Work Possibilities

After graduation, there are numerous full-time job opportunities in Canada for aspirant students. Numerous organisations provide attractive and well-paying job packages to assist international students in regaining control of their lives. International students are permitted to work in Canada for up to three years after completing their studies thanks to the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). Additionally, after working in Canada for a year, these international students will be qualified to apply for permanent residency. International students are permitted, under government regulations, to work a part-time job in addition to their studies.

Permanent Residence

For many people, living in Canada is a dream because of the country’s wonderful climate, welcoming immigration policies, high standard of living, and many other factors. The opportunity to maintain a Permanent Residency in Canada after graduation is one of the major advantages that Canada offers to its international student population. Students who are interested can research their options for getting permanent residency in Canada after graduating and gaining the necessary work experience.

Flourishing Student Community

In Canada, there is a sizable, diverse, and thriving student population. Numerous foreign students from various countries reside and pursue their studies in Canada. Students from Canada can gain knowledge and experience by interacting with people from different cultures.

Friendly people

The people of Canada are incredibly friendly and hospitable, and they welcome immigrants and international students alike. They have a well-deserved reputation as some of the friendliest people on the planet thanks to their cordial and good-natured behaviour, which is adored by all.

Government provisions for students from other countries

Canada’s educational institutions and government are eager to increase the number of international students studying there, so the nation has put in place many policies that are welcoming to international students. When you graduate from any Canadian college or university, you will have more job opportunities because Canada is one of the few nations in the world actively seeking to increase its young population and is willing to open its doors to international students and young people looking for jobs.

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