Soaring Study Abroad Opportunities find its home in Kalpetta!

World-class quality, specialisation, and cross-compatible degrees, the list just begins here! With over 6.5 lakh students from India migrating to pursue higher education in 2022, the inclination towards overseas education witnessed an upsurging spike in their attempts to mould a successful career and quality of life.

Owing to the huge demand for international education and lucrative outcomes assured with it, Insight International, gifted its brand new branch to Kalpetta, pledging to be the supporter of the dreams of the younger generation. The best overseas education consultants in Kochi, renowned for their authenticity and expertise in the field with well-established outlets spread across Kerala and Canada, opened up their 8th offshoot to cater towards a prosperous path for the entire student community.

The new undertaking functions to erase the gap in the pool of opportunities that arises on the physical boundaries. Kerala ranks third with the highest pool of employable talent in the country. T Siddique, Kalpetta MLA in his inaugural address expressed his heightened joy upon the golden doors hurled out to the bustling headquarters of Wayanad to conspire the gleaming hopes and prospects of its bright students.

Dare to dream and dream high is the motto Insight International puts forward to the skillful youth within the state who ought to utilise their calibre to the core to rear the sweetest fruits. 

Thriving to convert skills into opportunities, and curating the best of the available resources, Insight International provides end-to-end support to each of its students during their study abroad journey. 

Here’s an overview of the services Insight International has in check for you!

  • Free Course Counselling
  • Admission Procedure
  • IELTS/ OET/ German Coaching
  • SOP Service
  • Loan Assistance
  • Travel Desk – Visa & Flight Tickets
  • Spouse/Dependent Visa Assistance
  • Accommodation Assistance 
  • Pre-Departure Orientation 

Over 14+ countries to choose from collaborated with top universities across the globe, the ICEF & PIER Certified Agency, Insight International assures you A-Z services for a hassle-free student experience.

Feel free to contact the best study abroad consultancy in Kalpetta to embark on your abroad education.

The World of Opportunities Awaits You! 

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