Study in Canada: What Does It Cost?

Canada is considered as one of the favorite study destinations for students across the globe. One of the major reasons behind this interest is the less expensive living nature of the country when compared with other study destinations like the USA, UK, Australia, and Newzealand. The country consistently ranks among the top list for quality of life, academic excellence, and cultural diversity. The mesmerizing city atmosphere and cliquish campus community offer students the ideal environment for higher education. As one of the best overseas education consultants in Kerala, we are here to give you a brief idea of the cost of living and other expenses in the country.

One of the main factors behind the cost of living in Canada is the tuition fees. The average tuition fees in some of the major colleges across the country will be around 35,000 Canadian dollars, which will be around 18 Lakh Indian rupees. and the average tuition fees for bachelor courses will be around 16 Lakhs and undergraduate courses will be around 11 Lakhs. And finally, the master courses will charge around 30 Lakhs Indian rupees. Apart from this accommodation facilities may charge you around INR 2,50,000 to 5,50,000. Most universities will have on-campus residences and u can still live off-campus as well. Some of the other major expenses in the country will be traveling expenses, health insurance, other essential living expenses, and visa and application costs. The international students in the country also need to file income tax returns depending upon their residency status. Even students who receive income from outside sources of Canada must report their income. Insight international, being the best study abroad consultancy in Kerala is making opportunities for our students to study in Canada.

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