Study in UK Without IELTS

Every student is so ambitious about studying in the UK and about earning the experience of great teaching in the world’s top universities. But he or she should keep in mind that to study in a British University, they need to show excellent proficiency in the English language. They should pass the mandatory IELTS tests to get into the countries top universities. As the best overseas education consultants in Kerala, Insight International will introduce you to some of the universities in the UK and their procedures to get into courses without IELTS

English proficiency is just a student visa immigration procedure and most universities have no impact on it. So with such specific reasons, some of the universities in the UK do not push for a mandatory English proficiency test.  Instead, these universities will have their own method for assessing your language proficiency skills. They may look into your past academic skills, where you studied English as a medium, and also get convinced by the marks you scored in English during your academic tenure. In most cases, they will assess your marks scored in the 10th and 12th Classes. If it was more than 50 percent, the universities will accept it. In some other cases, the universities will conduct online interviews to analyze your language proficiency. There are still many universities that may not ask for IELTS but they may conduct some other examination to check the language proficiency. Turned out to be the best study abroad consultancy in Kerala, Insight international will provide you opportunities to study in the UK with or without IELTS.

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